Feng Shui In The Office

The philosophy of office fengshui affects all areas of human activity. It helps to find harmony with oneself, in love and work. Making money, promoting your product, developing and expanding your business, I want to get comprehensive assistance. Rely on reliable partners and competent employees, to enlist the support of the family and the blessings of higher powers. However, office fengshui is not a religion, but a way of life built taking into account the energy fields actually present on our Earth. Competent organization of office space will help create a favorable atmosphere for productive work.

Feng Shui zones in the office

Before you equip your office and bring furniture, pick up a compass. Find out which side of the world its parts are located. In accordance with this, and carry out the layout of the office.

North is a career zone, a great place for a desktop.

Northeast - wisdom and knowledge (racks with documents, books).

East - family (place to place family photos, if it is inappropriate to put a living tree in a pot).

Southeast - wealth, another great place for plants, as well as the installation of a safe.

South - fame (a place for cups, diplomas, certificates and certificates for products).

Southwest is a zone of love (it can be used to showcase the company's products, ready-made design layouts of projects).

West - creativity (place of negotiation, installation of a board for writing ideas).

Northwest - assistants (you can place the desk of the secretary, junior employee, telephone, fax, copier, etc.).

Furniture in the office of Feng Shui

The main furniture is a table; it should be positioned so that the person sitting behind it has a free overview of the whole room. I saw the front door, and with my back I sat against the wall. If there are several workplaces in the room, set the tables so that employees do not sit opposite each other. It sharpens the relationship. The office should be well lit, provide a constant supply of fresh air by installing air conditioning.


Keep an ideal order on the table, everything should have its place. The chair should be proportional to the size of the table, with a high back and be surely comfortable. Behind on the wall you can hang a picture of the mountains or a portrait of an authoritative person for you (chief, mentor, president).

Feng Shui Office Wall Color

Avoid dark furniture, it slows down. For painting walls it is better to use colors such as:

Orange - improves mood, promotes cooperation, and helps unite the team;

Yellow is suitable for employees of the financial sector who perform the same daily routine operations;

Green will help you start a new business, expand your business, reach a new level, engage in a new type of activity;

Blue - attention, concentration and concentration (at stake is an important contract - hang the blue picture, blinds, paint the door blue).

How to arrange an office for Feng Shui


Plants are a life that is also necessary for your business and career. Set up pots with fresh flowers in the east and southeast. It is necessary to give preference to plants with a thick stem, ornamental trees. Do not put too large flowers, they should complement the interior, and not attract undue attention.

Posted on October 25, 2018 at 01:22 PM