Everyone has at least one piece of furniture made of wood at home, but few people know that they require more than special care at the time of cleaning. Hygiene not only guarantees its long life, but also protects it from natural pests like the termite. This material was one of the first to be used in the history of mankind as a raw material for various purposes because it is extremely resistant (used for joinery, engineering, architecture, energy) and in different colors. And it is precisely because it is an organic material that needs special care at the time of cleaning. With that in mind, we have separated 10 tips so that you take good care of your Home Furnishing and make them beautiful as new even with many years of use. Check out!

Avoid sun exposure

Never expose the unit to the sun. Excessive brightness spoils the wood and can leave the Home Furnishing discolored, unless you are looking for an aged effect. If there is a nearby window, install a curtain to prevent ultraviolet rays from reaching the wood.

Beware of blemishes

Hot pans on the table burn and stain the wood. The ideal is to always use a towel to protect against thermal variables.

Attention when cleaning

Pay close attention to cleaning products. Many are abrasive and can stain or even scratch the Home Furnishing. Cloth dry or lightly moistened with neutral soap is best, as long as it dries very well.

Water and moisture are villains

Water and wood do not match. Keep your mobile away from it, which swells and dilates the material. Humidity is also detrimental to conservation. Leave the furniture at least three centimeters away from the wall so there is air circulation and no contact with possible moisture.

Distribute the weight well

Do not overdo the weight placed on the furniture, which can buck the wood. Distribute weight evenly; avoid putting things on one side only.

Use beeswax on sanitizing

Beeswax is highly recommended by experts to protect wood. In addition, it fills small grooves. If you choose cleaning products, make sure they do not have solvent in the formula.

Choose the right cloth to clean

Cloths are also important details of wood cleaning. The flannels are the most suitable, as they do not loose lint or scratch the surface. Separate a cloth only for this purpose.

Protect them from the action of nature

Garden furniture should not have direct contact with the earth because it can rot or undergo insect attacks like termites. For demolition timbers, the furniture should receive a layer of protective varnish.

Beware of moving them

Never drag your mobile. Always charge it to avoid compromising its structure. This is especially true for wardrobes, which easily come with unregulated doors and damaged hardware. It is recommended to dismantle the furniture and make the assembly again, even if it takes more work.

Remember to do maintenance

Finally, make regular maintenance on the bolts, hinges and doors to conserve the use for a long time.

Some furniture besides being useful, bring a sentimental story to the owner, such as a dresser that was inherited from a grandmother or a bed that was a wedding gift. No matter the origin, but durability goes through generations if these cares is respected.

Posted on June 19, 2018 at 01:23 PM