How About Home Decoration for the Colder Seasons?

With autumn presence, we have witnessed stronger signs from the turn of the season. The weather - hot during the day and getting colder at night - calls for adjustments to the daily routine, especially that of the house.

Enjoy what is already natural of the season

Autumn is romantically recognized as the season when the leaves of the trees fall and the tones of nature become more neutral. Why not take advantage of these elements in Home Decoration? "Take things like dry twigs, for example. Take advantage of the earthy tones that intensify the sense of welcome inside the house, everything we need during this rainy and colder season! "Says Karina Korn. In fashion, the copper work brings with it the presence of the rustic chic.

But where to enter those tones? It's worth everything: exchange vases, cushions and bibelos, for example. If there is a possibility, invest in furniture made of natural elements, such as a reclaimed coffee table from logs. Sustainable, the organic forms bring a unique charm to the home that, in fact, is valid for the whole year.

Invest in sensory Home Decoration

The Home Decoration involves the creation of scenarios of coziness, a concept that goes far beyond the visual. Just as some flowers bring the smell of spring, other elements bring the autumnal climate. Bet on scented candles, for example, with sweet fragrances like vanilla or cinnamon, invoking the cozy memory of cakes and cookies being made in the oven. Woody aromas, more intense, fall well when the intention is to impact and bring a more masculine ambience.

The bricks of Lepri Ceramics gain a velvety appearance and touch that bring grace to the environments. They can be applied to walls of prominent inner areas, exteriors and facades.

Choose good prints and fabrics

One of the coolest features of the cold seasons is the freedom to bet on "warm" fabrics, like the stylish maxi tricot. "It's time to take the blankets out of the closets and put them on the armchair in the reading corner and on the sofas, " says Karina. Cushions also participate in the play, with versions in suede or wet velvet, a delightful touch fabric that is one of the most in vogue of recent times. If possible, also change the carpets by wearing the spaces.

As for the prints, the chess is timeless, always a good request. This year, it is also worth betting on the Argyle Pattern - pattern consisting of diamonds and lozenges, jacquard and brocade.

Decorate the bed

A neat outfit makes all the difference in the bedroom. “Make use of more bedding, such as duvets and pillows," explains Karina. The pillow and fabric compositions leave the hotel-like ambiance of luxury, providing more comfortable nights and an environment you will not want to leave when morning arrives!

Renew the color palette

The cooler weather allows the use of different tones! We have already mentioned the coppery, strong bet of the season. It is also accompanied by golden, brown and other earthy, timeless proposals. As a compliment, why not bet on orange, red or burgundy, bringing brushstrokes of joy and elegance? Pink and red can be allies to bring the impact of an elegant decor and full of personality.

Posted on June 19, 2018 at 01:22 PM