How to Keep Your Home Always Tidy

At the time of the weekly house Cleaning you are desperate not knowing where to start, and you do not understand how the mess has accumulated over the days? So, you need to know a few simple organization tips that help keep your home tidy up without you having to spend too much time cleaning up.

1. Make a list

First of all, make a list of what needs to be organized and do everything in parts, allowing time for each environment. This prevents scatter and waste of time at the time of storage.

2. Distribution of tasks

All the residents of the house must be committed to the organization. There is no point in one person cleaning the house if the others do not cooperate. Define tasks together, break down what each one must do and establish a routine for the job.

3. Release the spaces

Enjoy that you took the day to organize the house and separate clothes and objects you no longer use and separate them for donation. Accumulating things takes up space and always disrupts the organization of the home.

4. Avoid paper accumulation

Also try to avoid the accumulation of papers scattered around the house, which cause bad impression. Promotional flyers and direct mailings should be discarded immediately if there is no interest. Use a cashier to place bills that have already been paid.

5. Identify and organize

Organizing boxes are a practical, simple and inexpensive option to leave everything in place. Use tags to identify what's inside each

6. Dirt of pets

If you own a pet, you know how difficult it is to be free of the hairs that are scattered around the house. To remove the hairs from sofas and armchairs, use a damp rubber glove and run over the surface.

7. Kitchen

Make everyday cups and dishes easy to access and leave special dishes stored in plastic bags to prevent dust and grease accumulation.

8. Bathroom

Keep a laundry basket in the bathroom or laundry room. Nothing more unpleasant than having used parts strewn about the floor of the rooms.

9. New airs

After cleaning, place to boil water with cinnamon sticks or drops of your favorite essence. This will leave the home with a pleasant and natural scent of cleanliness.

Posted on June 19, 2018 at 01:21 PM