Cleaning the House: 7 Cleaning Tips Even with Animals

Nothing like getting home after a tiring day and finding everything clean and organized, is not it? This sensation is priceless! However, we know that Cleaning the house regularly and keeping things in order is not an easy task, especially for those who have pets.

There is no doubt that pets cheer the home, but they can make it difficult to clean the house. However, this is no cause for despair. After all, just follow a few simple tips to optimize cleaning in a practical and agile way. Below, we list 7 of them to incorporate into your daily life. Follow us!

1. Learn how to keep the house clean longer

It is as popular wisdom says: a clean environment is not the one we cleaned the most, but the least we dirty. That is: the secret to having a house always clean is the maintenance of the cleaning. So, no matter the date of the cleaning. The important thing is not to bring dirt into the house.

When you get up and leave your bed, for example, you are contributing to the environmental disorder. This also happens when you arrive from the supermarket and leave the bags scattered around the sink or closet, or when you spend months without cleaning the air-conditioning, and so on.

Therefore, the ideal is to include the habits of organization and cleanliness in each day-to-day task. Thus, the house will always look good, even if the cleaning day is already approaching.

Even a great tip to keep the home clean is to use the broom and vacuum cleaner not only on the day set for cleaning, but also on those days when the dog slept indoors or when cats were changing their hair.

2. Consider training animals not to climb beds and sofas

Okay, we love doing some fungus on our pets while we rest on the bed or on the sofa. But be aware that this habit greatly disrupts the domestic cleaning routine, as hairs end up spreading more easily through carpets, beds and sofas.

As we have seen, the vacuum cleaner is a great ally in these situations. However, if you do not want to have to worry about it every single day, the ideal is to train the pets so they do not go up in the unwanted places. Also, when it comes to cats, it is imperative to keep the sandbox always up-to-date; and in the case of puppies, teach them since puppies what the correct place to do the needs is.

3. Learn toilet cleaning tips

Blonde woman cleaning bathtub and bathroom tiles

Cleaning the bathroom is often a nightmare for most people. After all, this room in the house is damp and quite prone to bacteria, which makes it difficult to clean. However, there are some foolproof secrets for you to learn how to clean the bathroom without making too much effort or spend liters and more liters of heavy cleaning materials.

The first of these is to use a mixture of warm water and bleach in the porcelain pieces, such as the sink and the toilet. It does not have to be in large quantity. The measurement indicated on the product packaging is already more than sufficient. Let the pieces soak for a few minutes, rub, rinse and that's it!

This same solution is also effective for cleaning the box area and the interior of the sanitary basin. In these cases, also use a specific brush for each item, guaranteeing the complete cleaning of the areas.

If the box is made of glass, you can also use some specific product for glass or simply wash it with a little detergent diluted in water. Its shot and fall!

4. Bet on household cleaning tricks

Everyone knows the "dirty, washed!" Rule, right? It may seem obvious, but this is the best trick when it comes to household cleaning. Even because nothing can be more desperate than getting into the kitchen and finding that pile of greasy dishes to wash, do you agree?

Even if the floor is clean, the refrigerator defrosted and the cabinets in order, no use! If there is crockery in the sink, the impression we have is that the whole kitchen is dirty. So, do not hesitate to follow this basic rule.

And do not forget: all care is little when preparing meals. Take care not to spill anything on the table, drop crumbs on the floor or splash sauce on the walls. And, in case these accidents happen, clean up immediately.

The trick of lukewarm water in the bath is also another infallible tip. Don’t know? Let's explain: during the bath, you can use a little warm water on the walls of the box so that the dirt gradually decreases, avoiding the accumulation of soap or hair. This greatly preserves the cleaning aspect of the room until the next cleaning.

5. Keep everything in its place.

Frightened woman looking at the sofa full of messy clothes

This is the simplest tip on the list, but no less effective. After all, keeping everything in its proper place is a very easy way to leave the house with the impression that it has just been cleaned, you know?

So, when you pick up any object in a room in the residence - whether it is a comb in the bathroom, a knife in the drawer, or a book on the shelf - make sure you return it to the right place as soon as you finish using it. This habit saves time at the time of cleaning and helps keep everything at hand.

6. Always wear your shoes before entering

Taking off your shoes before entering the house is a common custom in countries of the East and has been winning many supporters here in Brazil. The reason is simple: by leaving the shoes outside, you prevent the dirt from the street from entering your home and compromise the cleaning.

Take the test: try to separate a corner at the entrance of the house to leave the shoes as soon as you arrive. Have a slipper always around and done! At the time of the next cleaning, you will notice that the floor has become much easier to clean.

7. Never make the mess worse.

Last but not least: never make the mess worse. As we have said, it is unhealthy that old mania to get things out of the way and not save it again or simply let the dirt accumulate until the next cleanup date.

Believe: by controlling the mess and by avoiding to bring more dirt into the home, you optimize your home cleaning routine to the fullest, since you will not have to worry about a thousand things out of place or the floor littered with street or back yard waste. You bet!

Did you see? Cleaning the house can be a lot easier than you might think. Just acquire these simple habits, but that make all the difference to keep the organization and the brightness of your home even with the presence of pets!

Has something happened, is there no time or will you get a last-minute visit? In such cases, consider hiring a day laborer to help you clean the house, get everything in order, and streamline your routine. 

Posted on June 19, 2018 at 01:21 PM