A well decorated space with harmony and good taste is possible and with simple items.

Decorating an environment is a task that requires delicacy and that can be very can be very pleasurable. From the garden to the bathroom, any space can be completely transformed using creativity and become a harmonious and tasteful place. Just like the clothes we wear, the Home Decoration conveys a lot of our personality.

Some items are true jokers when it comes to decorating. They serve both rooms, as well as the living room and kitchen. And they can also not only embellish but organize environments.

We list in this list some of the key Home Decoration to make your home look more beautiful.

1. Frames

Different themes, frames, sizes and shapes. Frames are objects capable of giving life to the walls and representing their uniqueness. If you like music, a picture of your favorite. From cinema, a frame with the poster of the movie of your life.

Art, a work that you appreciate very much. And they cater for all kinds of environment. In the rooms, the personality-enhancing features are even stronger. It is important to always harmonize colors and styles. Try making a whole wall of pictures in your living room and this wall can perfectly describe who you are.

Tip: in the baby’s room, a chalkboard, with information like weight, size, time of birth, among other things; or even with the baby’s footprints is incredible.

2. Mirrors

Mirrors are items that bring a charm to any environment. They are more used in the rooms, since they are essential when it comes to tidying up, but it is possible to place them in the other spaces of the house too! Not to mention that, in the rush, who never stopped to take a peek at the hair in front of the window glass? So, mirrors around the house can be very useful. And even giving the impression of increasing small spaces. It is worth betting on the old and golden frames to give a retro and elegant look.

Tip: Mirrored furniture is also a good option to apply the idea of ​​mirrors in the Home Decoration.

3. Cushions

On the sofa, on the bed, on the chairs ... Versatility is one of the main characteristics of the cushions. They are articles that work very well in the composition of the harmony of the environment. It is interesting to combine colors and sizes to give the space the atmosphere you want.

Tip: To facilitate the organization of the house, it is important that whenever the cushions are removed from their places, there is space to store them. This prevents them from being thrown around the edges.

4. Fixtures

The lighting of the surroundings is a determining factor to make a cozy space. The luminaires are elements that must talk to the needs of each environment. They can be placed on the ceiling, on the floor, on the walls, on the table; finally ... There are countless possibilities to use them in an inviting way that adds beauty to the Home Decoration you have chosen for your home.

Tip: Make a table lamp yourself! With the familiar DIY - d o it yourself - and by using simple and inexpensive things, you can create an incredible light fixture. A glass bottle with cork and Christmas lights are enough.

5. Wooden benches

With a simple wooden stool, endless things can be done. A nightstand, a coffee table, besides serving as a bench, obviously. The functions are practical and decorative. They can be round, square, backless, without backrest, with one or several seats and there are no environment restrictions to use them.

Tip: You can choose a rustic tone by keeping the benches with the tone of the wood or reforming them and personalizing them according to your style of decor.

6. Carpets

A beautiful rug is a differential and so much in a space. Usually, we do not think of the floor as an element that needs Home Decoration. The focus is the walls, the windows, the doors and, especially, the furniture. That's why carpets make all the difference. And when choosing the carpet, keep in mind the dimensions and characteristics of the environment.

Tip: If you or someone in the house is allergic to dust, it is essential to always pay attention to carpet cleaning. Besides the arrangement of this item by the environments, therefore it is important to think about the spaces of circulation. You will not want your beautiful rug to be the cause of countless daily stumbling, is not it?!

7. Niches

Faithful partners of the organization, the niches are the best items to store objects and decorate at the same time. They replace the traditional shelves, bringing modernity to the scene. You can vary the layout by putting them together, aligned, diagonally, horizontally or however you prefer.

Tip: The niches can be used to store books, magazines, cosmetics and, in the children's room, are great places to put toys.

8. Decorative vases

Finally, we bet on the vases. This is an element that can be only ornamental or assume its utilitarian function. The options of models are diverse, which allows the creation from more modern, minimalist and elegant environments; even a hippie, rustic and retro style.

Tip: Putting flowers and plants in the pots brings other characteristics to the environment and can even help to make it more airy.

Posted on June 19, 2018 at 01:19 PM