Niches: See How to Use Them In The Decoration of Your Home

The niches are quite practical items and one of the darlings of the interior designs. Just like the shelves, they make the most of the vertical space, providing greater possibilities in the storage of everyday items, without interfering with the circulation. They can be used in any type of home but are especially useful in small environments.

The versatility of these elements allows them to be used in the designs of different rooms such as bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. They are able to harmonize with completely different style environments, mainly because they have different options of format, colors, sizes and positioning.

Manufactured usually in wood or MDF, the niches are option to assist in the organization of the house. Their format can be round, square, with a specific design, embedded in the wall, with built-in lighting, among other formats and styles. They do not have liner, like a conventional shelf.

Niche in interior design

You can use the niche in different ways in your interior design. Check out some ideas:

Wall shelves: they allow the organization of Home Decorating accessories, as well as draw attention to these accessories. They look great in rooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Shelf: A different way of including the niches in the Home Decorating of your home is creating a different shelf from the union of varied types of niche. In addition to organizing the environment where it is inserted, this niche shelf is also used to store Home Decorating items such as vases, books and photographs.

Room divider: they are perfect for use in the room divider, creating a relationship between privacy and transparency. This relationship can be controlled by filling the niche shelves with Home Decorating objects.

Bedside table or bedside table: For those who like simple beauty, you can choose to use the niches as a bedside table in the bedrooms. Besides being different, it will also give beauty and organization to the room.

Coffee table: When we use the hollow wooden niches as coffee table in the living room we can store things underneath them. This is a practical and innovative way of using this item in a room that is very much used by the householders.

Bathrooms and kitchen

This piece can be used quietly in rooms like bathroom and kitchen. Like the other rooms in the house, the bathroom also needs specific spaces to store different objects. In this room, the niches are more used in the walls, including the box, helping in the organization of the space. The versions with doors and drawers are a good choice for storing towels, bath salts, perfumes and other beauty items.

Nowadays, niches are also becoming commonplace in kitchen interior designs. In this environment, it creates functional spaces and serves as an alternative to reduce the number of cabinets, leaving your kitchen lighter and with spaces to also expose home decorating objects.

Niches in the room

The niches in the room are great for maintaining the organization of the environment and help to enhance the decor, whether in the dining room or on the TV. In the dining room, these items have several uses. They serve as shelves, organizing crockery and decorations, or there is the option of composing shelves. They allow you to keep the room organized and with a relaxed air. When the dining room is integrated with the TV room, the niches can serve as a partition between the two rooms.

More modern and sophisticated than the shelves, the niches also act as a modular type of shelf, allowing the organization of objects of decoration and even collections that you may want to expose in your TV room.

Niches are also room items

No matter if the room is childish, double or for teenager, the niche will always be an item that matches it. These pieces help to take advantage of the space of the rooms, especially when there is little free space for the furniture. In the double bedroom, it can be used to replace the bedside table or to be inserted as a stand on the desk.

The niches in children's rooms can help Home Decorating and store decorative objects homogeneously with the inspiration chosen for the environment. You can dare in the colors and formats differentiated and fun for this type of room. In addition, they convey a playful idea in the children's and baby's bedrooms, being much used to organize toys and children's books.

Posted on June 18, 2018 at 01:09 PM