In spring nature awakens from a long winter's hibernation. This is especially true for Russia, where much of the territory remains frost-bound for much longer than three months. With the advent of spring, the whole world around us begins to transform before our very eyes. Change must concern a person.

Start to change is from your own apartment. Even the smallest changes in the interior can affect our mood from the very morning, which sets the tone for the whole day. Yes, and return in the evening from work in the spring apartment will be more pleasant than in the den, which protected us from frost throughout the winter.


In spring the light day becomes longer and the night is shorter. But often the light cannot penetrate our apartment. It interferes with the dust and dirt, which over the winter accumulated on the windows in several layers. Wash windows in winter do not allow frost. But, as soon as the temperature starts to steadily stay at a mark above zero degrees, it's time to wash the glasses.

Cleaning windows - a pledge of excellent mood since the morning, as soon as the first rays of the sun begin to penetrate your apartment. Awakening will be pleasant, and you yourself will have time to recharge the energy of the nascent day before you leave home. In addition, cleaning windows will benefit your plants, for which the spring comes the time of intense growth, impossible without a lot of sunlight.


Dusty, opaque curtains should follow the dust and mud from the glasses, which we usually hang for the winter, in order to protect our home as much as possible from the winter cold. They are recommended to remove, wash and clean, until it is time to re-prepare the apartment for the winter.

Place dense curtains should take light, transparent or translucent curtains. They will let in the light, creating a pleasant mood. In spring it is advised to choose light colors. The ideal is a green or light green variant - the color of spring, which can dramatically change the atmosphere in the apartment. Curtains of green tones can be combined with yellow or white - the color of the sun.


Following the dense curtains, which first went to the washing machine, and then to storage before the winter, winter things should be sent, which we will not need for several months. We advise you to remove them as far as possible, so that they are less likely to come across our eyes and remind us of the winter.

But before you remove them in the closets, on the mezzanine, in the storerooms and other secluded corners of your apartment, they must be washed or at least cleaned. It is better to keep winter things in special bags or boxes - this will protect your clothes from moths, moisture and other changes that can adversely affect the fabric.

Shoes are best cleaned in special boxes, previously sent it to the washing machine and dried properly.

Such cleaning concerns not only clothes, but also all other things that will remind you of the winter, and in the warm season hardly needed: snowboards, sledges, skates, winter tires for cars and much more. We also recommend removing these things out of sight.


Most often, winter things are stored on the balcony. There also throughout the winter carry those things that are not going to be used in the cold season. Over the winter, the balcony begins to look more like a warehouse of everything unnecessary.

With spring, it's time to revise the balcony, dismantling the whole winter chaos. After spending a little time on this, you will free yourself a lot of space that will allow a pleasant spring evening to go out onto the balcony with a cup of hot tea and admire the opening view of the city, or the courtyard.

It is also important to check the balcony for damage that could happen during the winter. The temperature drop, coupled with high humidity, can lead to deformations in the window frames, swelling of the parquet or laminate and other minor damages, which it is better to get rid of immediately, until they lead to great disappointment.

Wash and clean

The arrival of spring is also an occasion to arrange a house cleaning. Nobody says that in the winter we live in a pigsty, but, you will agree that with the onset of warm days, opportunities, and desires, we had a good time to clean up the apartment in our apartment.

In addition to the usual washing of floors, wiping dust and vacuuming, we advise you to pay attention to home textiles. Spring is an excellent occasion to clean carpets, washing small rugs, covers and blankets, which rest on our furniture, pillowcases on cushions. If there is a desire and opportunity, we would advise also to slightly update the interior with the help of home textiles - fresh notes will reflect the changes that occur in nature.


Particular attention with the arrival of spring should be given to the flowers. No matter how we care for them in the winter, the spring for them is the time of bloom. They start to get more sunlight and heat, start to grow. To prepare your home plants for this intense period in their life, you must at least wipe their leaves from the dust and put them closer to the window. As soon as there is a high enough temperature on the street, we advise you to take some pots of flowers to the balcony. It is also better to transplant the plants into a new soil, if there are no reverse recommendations for certain types of flowers.

If you do not have flowers and houseplants in your apartment, we advise you to think about buying a couple of pots in which you will have a green life. Let spring enter your home and immediately notice how your mood improves.


The beginning of spring is an excellent occasion to conduct repair work. Many, for example, in winter postpone the fuss with plumbing, waiting for the end of the heating season. Also, it is not recommended to carry out such repairs while the street is freezing - you will not always be allowed to turn off the riser to make repairs in the bathroom. In the spring, you cannot be afraid of anything.

And for a simple cosmetic repair, spring is a great time. First, do not have to spend warm summer days on this is not the most pleasant thing. Secondly, spring is the very beginning of the construction season, and the prices for building materials and work are still far from their ceiling.

A great idea for the beginning of spring will be the installation of air conditioning and windows, if you need it. This is mainly due to the prices of materials and work. And in the case of air conditioning, a timely installation will allow you to avoid the traditional summer heat, which periodically torments the Russians. At such times, the demand for air conditioners is an exaggerated one - waiting for installation will take a long time, and it will cost much more money than in the spring.

Posted on June 18, 2018 at 01:08 PM