The New Breakthrough – 4k

Technology is advancing by the minute. We might don’t even realize as we go about out in our busy lives but technology is changing face by the second. Television is one of the very common examples of technology that has changed significantly over the years is right there in our own homes. Right from the bulky CRT to the ultra impressive HD flat screens televisions have come a long way. Not only did the sizes changed but also the quality of the pictures improved significantly. The consumer’s need for better viewing is seen as a never ending challenge and therefore the latest breakthrough in the tech market is the 4K TV.

The 4k TV is the most advanced technological development in the industry till now. It is being considered to be next big bang in the industry of digital TV viewing. Everything about the 4k curved TV is astounding. Simply speaking 4K is the name for Ultra HD TV. It has twice the vertical and horizontal resolution of a HD TV, which translates into 3840 x 2160 pixels. It has nearly 8 million pixels, which is nearly 4 times the pixels of current HD TV. More pixels contain more information so the Sony 4k TVs have stunning picture quality. The level of sharpness and clarity are also noteworthy. The 4k is the hottest trend of the future and it is a game changer in the world of TV viewing. Even though 8 million mega pixels sound big, there would not be much of a change in the size of the TV screens. 4k TV is a trend that will catch up in the years to come. It is the next big thing in the world of TV viewing also because the 3D TVs could not garner much interest in the consumers. But picture improvised from 2D and 3d look much sharper in 4K.


The only drawback with 4k TV today is there is not much 4k content. Since 4k TVs are expensive broadcasters are wary of streaming content in 4k. Although some websites like Youtube and Netflix do offer content in 4K, it is very limited. But that is definitely going to change in the coming years. Even with all its current limitations, 4k is undisputed the king of all future technologies in electronics consumer market. All the high end manufacturers have put their stamp of approval on this new TV. In a world where there is a insatiable demand for life like picture quality, 4k is the closest we can get to real life TV viewing.

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